Okay, so a home thread should keep me busier. So basically I fill dis thing with junk every now and then, and you find it interesting. However, this is also if you wanna get a hold of me for something, like an rp. So... yeah!


So I have this UDM OC I'm working on. Tell me what you think.

Name: Purina (like that brand that makes cat stuff)

Age: 11

Appearance: Her hair is just a plain ink-black color, and has a wavy texture. Her eyes are hazel, although they sometimes appear more green or brown. She has freckles on her cheeks. She normally has a friendly expression. She has a line of freckles around her wrist that vaguely resembles a  bracelet of some sort. Her build is wiry and scrawny, and she's mostly an average height, if no, slightly on the tall side. Normally wears a purple T-shirt with a picture of a purple tabby kitten on it, a black knee-length skirt, and purple leggings. Her preferred footwear is black boots. She has a white crescent-shaped hair clip in her hair so it doesn't get in her eyes.

Personality: Purina is normally outgoing and bouncy, and very determined. She's super energetic, and a little annoying at times. Extroverted, and rather talkative. Somewhat stubborn. Loyal to her best friends. She seems to think everyone's her friend, though, and that everyone's super nice. Will do almost anything things to get her closest friends to smile.

Magic: Fluxer

UDM Factor: She always has some cat in all her forms, even in human form.

Other: MDU


My brother has convinced himself he's a werewolf. How beautiful, am I right? I wonder how long it will take him to realize he is not a werewolf.


Swiftpaw (the WC character) is so underappreciated. I mean, sure, he's the cause of Brightheart's missing eye, but if he hadn't been so... Swiftpaw, Brighty might have never fell in love with Cloudtail. Plus Swiftpaw is just adorable. I was kinda upset about his death.

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                            DRITTEN - AHUIZOTL

The Magic Flying Dragon Kitten Girl and Aquatic Wolf Girl with a Hand her Tail




Kewl. (dont judge that im saying this months later)

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