Hello! My name is Daisysong! Help me make my clan, SongClan. Sorry this clan has rules. “Song” only. This is a hand made clan with cats that are (mostly) related. Also, I am Moonglow too.


Leader: Lillystar-huge dark grey tabby she-cat; one yellow eye one dark blue eye.


Deputy: Daisysong-huge dark grey tabby she-cat with a light ginger belly; yellow eyes


Medicane: Thundersong-small cream tom with green eyes. Apprentice, Beastpaw


Warriors: Maesong-grey tabby she-cat with green eyes

Scarsong-large, very dark grey tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Apprentice, Flypaw

Lovesong-silver tabby she-cat with clear, light blue eyes

Stone-large silver tom; blue eyes

Boom-sandy grey tom with green eyes

Whip-white she-cat with a long tail; amber eyes. Apprentice, Straypaw

Mufasa-orange tabby tom with amber eyes.


Apprentices: Straypaw-long-furred grey tom with amber eyes

Flypaw-long-furred grey tabby tom with green eyes

Beastpaw-long-furred brown she-cat with amber eyes


Queens: Starsong-small silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes (Stone’s kits, Peacekit, Soulkit, Mountankit and Leafkit.)

Gracesong-grey tabby she-cat with white paws and chest; turquoise eyes (expecting Boom’s kit[s])

Moonglow-grey she-cat with white mittens and chest; white moon-shaped spot on her forehead; unusual blue eyes with an unknown power...(expecting Mufasa’s kit[s])


Elders: Mittenfoot-(once part of FarmClan) small black she cat with white paws and chest.









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Hawkmist has a soft side, but is very ambitious; brown tabby she-cat with light blue eyes